Jettora Consulting

James McCombe BEng (hons), CA

Jettora Consulting is led by James McCombe, a qualified chartered accountant with fifteen years’ experience in corporate finance consultancy. James has assisted in raising over £2 billion of investment finance from private and public sources during a career including thirteen years with KPMG Corporate Finance prior to establishing Jettora in 2013. This finance has supported the development of some of the most high-profile infrastructure and energy projects across the UK and Ireland over recent years.


Financial Modelling / Forecasting

Financial forecasting using detailed, bespoke financial models is one of the most important tools an investor needs to understand the opportunities and risks within a project. Jettora utilises industry best practce (such as the FAST Standard) to develop clear and accurate financial models. These are capable of demonstrating the impact of a wide range of risk scenarios on profitability, investor returns and performance against banking covenants.

Business Planning / Feasibility Studies

Jettora takes pride in the preparation of clear, succinct business plans that provide all the information a potential investor will require when considering an investment. The Jettora Business Plan approach allows a fast and efficient decision to be made on investment and minimise the level of due diligence investors will require.

Investment Appraisal and Due Diligence

Risks are inherent in any capital project and it is important these are identified and mitigated prior to the provision of any investment. Drawing upon experience in a wide range of sectors, Jettora will quickly identify key uncertainties through appraisal and detailed interrogation of underlying data to ensure investment risks can be mitigated.

Financing Systems Implementation

Jettora can assist in the implementation of efficient systems for monitoring the financial performance of projects and ventures. This ensures investors are kept informed of forecast financial returns and ensures funder covenants can be managed.